Pudding Magazine #58

Before the age of man and machines,
conspicuous consumption,
built in obsolescence and high-tech,
people and things evolved in slow motion,
BC to AD, tree swingers to Homo Erectus
hunter-gatherers to town folk,
a flat world to Copernicus,
and so on, and so on
through millenniums until flush toilets,
then fast forward to bright lights,
the Model A, an icebox and Philco.
No Books For Dummies needed.

Darwin’s finch took generations to adapt a beak,
but when a cell replaced Marconi and Bell,
in the blink of an Android’s wireless eye
opposable thumbs became muscled mutants,
ambidextrous digits texting, typing IM’s.
No longer clumsy “all thumbs” now a poised
index finger ringing doorbells, pointing the way.

In this brave new on-line world of endless gadgets,
outsmarted by smart phones,
platforms, servers, Skype and Kindle,
let others Flickr and Twitter a hand-held world
in MySpace, ichat the old-fashioned way,
watch wireless clouds drift by,
listen for the twitter of birds
in a timeless flicker of morning light.

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